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Feature Story (2015) – Calls For British Government to Answer Lariam™ Questions

This is a September 2015 story from British Forces TV about the impact of Lariam™ (mefloquine) among serving British military personnel and veterans. Since this story aired, former British Army officer Johnny Mercer MP was instrumental in conducting a parliamentary committee … Continue reading

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Review of 1998-2014 ADHREC Annual Reports Relating to Trials of Antimalarial Drugs and Vaccines for Tropical Diseases

This is a review paper by Dr Jane Quinn from Charles Sturt University  on the 1998-2014 (inclusive) Australian Defence Human Research Ethics Committee (ADHREC) annual reports relating to trials of antimalarial drugs and vaccines for tropical diseases. The paper provides … Continue reading

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Mefloquine – Findings of the Senate Inquiry into the Mental Health of Australian Defence Force Serving Personnel

On 25 March 2015 the Australian Senate initiated an inquiry into the mental health of Australian Defence Force serving personnel. The Committee heard testimony from Major Stuart McCarthy and Dr Jane Quinn on the adverse health impacts of mefloquine on … Continue reading

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Dr Jane Quinn – Busting the Nameless MoD ‘Mythbusters’

The UK ministry of Defence (MoD) recently published a so-called ‘mythbusting guide‘ to the use of Lariam in the British forces. The piece written by an unnamed, faceless blogger made a number of false claims, including: “The [Public Health England Advisory … Continue reading

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Feature Story – Answers Sought Over Army’s Use of Malaria Drug Mefloquine (Sima Kotecha, BBC)

“How can it be that we have a situation where this loyalty and duty of care that should be delivered by the surgeon general and the defence chiefs is a complete deficit?”  Lieutenant Colonel Andrew Marriott MBE (retd) There are … Continue reading

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Featured Research – Remington L. Nevin, Rational Risk-Benefit Decision-Making in the Setting of Military Mefloquine Policy

Abstract “Mefloquine is an antimalarial drug that has been commonly used in military settings since its development by the US military in the late 1980s. Owing to the drug’s neuropsychiatric contraindications and its high rate of inducing neuropsychiatric symptoms, which … Continue reading

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Feature Story – Mefloquine and the Canadian Airborne Regiment in the “Somalia Affair” 1993

“This is not who I am, John.” Private Kyle Brown, Canadian Army, 1993 In 1993 Canadian soldier John Dowe deployed to Somalia with the Canadian Airborne Regiment. During this deployment the soldiers were used as subjects in an unethical mefloquine drug trial. … Continue reading

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