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Professor Philip Morris – New Financial Transparency Arrangements Between Doctors and Drug Companies

In early 2015 the Australian Consumer and Competition Commission (ACCC) authorized a new Code of Conduct for Medicines Australia (representing the larger drug companies in Australia but not generic makers). This 18th Code Edition now includes making public all payments … Continue reading

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Leonard Benton – Veteran Kills Himself At the VA: A Failure Written In Blood

“It is time to speak. It is time that veterans use social media, personal demonstration, and activism to make change happen instead of waiting on it.” In every Veterans Administration job announcement, there is a copy of the VA’s mission statement. … Continue reading

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British Mefloquine Veteran Resorts to Legal Action: “They Just Put Everything Down to PTSD”

A large proportion of veterans afflicted by mefloquine toxicosis have unfortunately been misdiagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Although the symptoms of mefloquine toxicosis can be similar to PTSD, careful examination by health professionals should result in proper diagnosis and … Continue reading

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CDC Staff Accused Injured U.S. Veteran of “Malingering” in Response to Official Drug Regulator Safety Warning on Mefloquine

FDA Black Box Warning In 2013 the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) issued a “black box” warning regarding the safety of the anti-malarial drug mefloquine. This is the most serious warning issued by the FDA, which in this case … Continue reading

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Daily Express: Ministry of Defence Accused of ‘Negligence on a Grand Scale’ As Troops Sue Over Lariam (Mefloquine)

BRITISH troops who say they were left with serious mental health side effects after taking a controversial anti-malaria drug are taking legal action against the Ministry of Defence. The group of armed forces veterans say they have suffered hallucinations, severe … Continue reading

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Feature Story (2013) – Army’s Lariam Expert Funded by Drug Maker

A PROFESSOR who has advised the Department of Defence on its practice of prescribing the Lariam anti-malarial drug to Irish troops has previously received research funding from Roche, its manufacturer. Patricia Schlagenhauf, a pharmacist and editor of the Journal of … Continue reading

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Disgraced Australian Minister for Veterans Affairs Rejected Injured Veterans’ Outreach Program, Claiming it Would Cause “Undue Distress”

During the early months of 2015 one of the Senators involved in the recent parlianentary inquiry into the mental health of Australian Defence Force personnel wrote to the Australian Minister for Defence regarding the need to support mefloquine veterans, referring to a proactive outreach … Continue reading

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Feature Story (2015) – Calls For British Government to Answer Lariam™ Questions

This is a September 2015 story from British Forces TV about the impact of Lariam™ (mefloquine) among serving British military personnel and veterans. Since this story aired, former British Army officer Johnny Mercer MP was instrumental in conducting a parliamentary committee … Continue reading

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Canadian Psychiatrist Dr Greg Passey on Mefloquine, PTSD and the Somalia Affair

This is an extract from a recent story by Sheila Pratt in the Edmonton Journal, covering her interview with former Canadian military psychiatrist Dr Greg Passey. One of the problems encountered by mefloquine veterans because of the nature of this … Continue reading

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