Roll of Honour

Remembering those who have fallen, paying the ultimate sacrifice to their countries at the hands of the neurotoxic drug, mefloquine, which is a known cause of suicide.

Families of veterans whose lives ended after taking mefloquine and would like their loved one added to this roll are encouraged to contact us.

Lest we Forget

British Flag

Major Cameron Quinn, 16 April 1970 – 11 March 2006

Cameron Quinn, Iraq 2003

Cameron Quinn, Iraq 2003

Canadian Flag

Corporal Scott Smith, 5 May 1971 – 25 December 1994


Scott Smith, Canadian Airborne Regiment



2 Responses to Roll of Honour

  1. Dave Bona says:

    CPL Scott Smith (Smitty)
    3Cdo Canadian Airborne Regiment
    Rwanda 1994


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