Fundraising & Support

“Proper diagnosis is key. It is important that mefloquine toxicity is recognised as being a significant and identifiable neuropsychiatric disease state, because this has a severe impact on the way personnel need to be dealt with in terms of psychiatric treatment. Drugs that are administered for standard post-traumatic stress disorder can often exacerbate the clinical symptoms of mefloquine toxicity due to the underlying neurological damage. Therefore, a correct diagnosis is key. Implementation of an institutional recognition of mefloquine toxicity in the defence force is critically required and, further, a program to identify, assist and treat appropriately those who have suffered.”

Dr Jane Quinn, Testimony to the Australian Senate, 1 September 2015

Despite mefloquine having been found conclusively to be neurotoxic a decade ago, institutional denials by military officials, veterans’ affairs agencies, the ethically compromised medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry and their lobbyists, have resulted in a situation whereby there are no official programs of support for veterans and their families experiencing the debilitating, chronic health effects of mefloquine toxicity. For this reason we urgently need support from the non-profit and private sectors to help those who have served their countries with distinction. Please contact us if you are able to assist with fundraising or support for these veterans and their families. We look forward to announcing dedicated programs soon. Thankyou!


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