Clinical Drug Trials

“Early pre-licensure studies on mefloquine were conducted predominantly among male prisoners, military personnel, and subjects in third-world countries. … The purported safety of mefloquine was so well established that when reports of severe psychiatric side effects, including amnesia, confusion and psychosis, first emerged in the literature following the drug’s early European licensure, these symptoms were frequently dismissed as coincidental or were later attributed by influential authors to the stresses of overseas travel, recreational drug use, or pre-existing or latent mental illness. Despite continued reports in the literature of severe psychiatric side effects following the drug’s U.S. licensure, it was only in 2001, after the drug had been in widespread use for over 15 years and the first formal blinded and controlled prospective studies were conducted in a representative civilian population, that mefloquine’s potent psychotropic capability became more widely appreciated.”

E. C. Ritchie, J. Block and R. L. Nevin, Psychiatric Side Effects of Mefloquine: Applications to Forensic Psychiatry, 2013.

Dr Remington Nevin

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