Loren Ries – Mefloquine, Tafenoquine and Lariam … Oh My

This is an excellent post by Loren Ries, shared with kind permission from her blog Loren Land. Loren is the wife of an Australian Army mefloquine and tafenoquine veteran who served in Timor Leste. This is her reaction the misinformation provided by the Department of Defence in relation to the continuing Army Malaria Institute drug trial scandal.


Vice Chief of the Australian Defence Force, Vice Admiral Ray Griggs

As many of you already know my husband was a participant in the AMI (Army Malaria Institute) trials for the drug tafenoquine. But we have learned a great deal more since I first posted about the ADF lackadaisical trials of anti-malarial drugs. We at first believed my husband had only been given tafenoquine, however since requesting his trial documents we were truly horrified to learn he also had mefloquine tested on him entirely without his knowledge.

What’s the big deal here you might ask?

Well it’s actually a REALLY big deal when any organisation decides to conduct covert human drug trials outside of the legislation designed to protect trial participants.

The Department of Defence produced an online portal to supposedly “help” trial participants. I am not sure how much help an entire portal of damage control propaganda can be to anyone other than those trying to cover their own failings. There are gaping holes in the info provided and some of the info provided I consider misleading.

I can’t even begin to make a decision about the safety of these drugs until we clear up the issues relating to the poor risk management procedures employed by the ADF during these drug trials.

The Australian department of Defence’s web portal states many large claims about the integrity of the trials. However the numbers of affected persons who claim that this web portal is full of misinformation and un-truths prompts me to take a closer look at the statements in question. read more


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An international network of military veterans, families and friends affected by the health impacts of the neurotoxic antimalarial drug, mefloquine.
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