8 Responses to Psychosis, Bipolar and Chronic Depression: Personal Account of an Australian Tafenoquine Veteran

  1. Sam says:

    This article is amazing.
    My dad went to East Timor that year aswell from Lavrack in Townsville and he didn’t come back the same either.
    He is very depressed still to this day and quite withdrawn. A completly changed man and I still don’t know why.
    your article has really opened my eyes to what my father is going through.
    This really helped me understand more.
    I wish you the best in all that you do.
    Your a true hero.

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  2. S.W. says:

    Thank you for writing about your experience. I too was on tafenoquine and was in 1 platoon, A Coy and still remember hearing about the day you went off to hospital. I have always wondered what had happened to you afterwards but no one ever had an answer. I hope your health continues to improve and the government does something to help all of us who were impacted by the trial.

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  3. ucdailoi says:

    Im sorry for your plight, we Vietnam Veterans thought we had made changes to the system that would make it more user friendly for Veterans, but it seems DVA are not interested in serving the Veterans..
    It always astonished me at the roadblocks they used to prevent Veterans from getting help.. The money DVA spends to block claims involves professionals from Barristers to specialist doctors (many who can be bought) to investigators and then there is the paper work war…. Once you lodge an application with DVA you are playing their game. Your chances of lodging a successful claim depend on the advocate, who are often Veterans with various levels of illness, so their ability can at times be limited…
    Learning to live with the condition and continue the fight, at a level you can sustain, is all I can recommend at this time. Stay with people who share your experience and build up the numbers to keep the pressure up to the system, especially the politicians (people with no integrity)
    Good luck

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  7. Jason rule says:

    Hi brother, your vivid account of post Timor ( post being on the same tefenoquine trial);was deeply moving in the way that, my life for the last however many years has been the same, never understanding why. Thanks for having the courage to speak out. JR pioneer 1RAR


  8. truthman30 says:

    GSK have been harming consumers with many dodgy drugs/products and nefarious practices for decades.. Seroxat, Myodil, Pandemrix, Tafenoquine- these are just the tip of the ice-berg.. check out my blog for more details..


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