Mefloquine, side-effect of

Things I have learned...

This problem has been around awhile so I’m not sure why some Canadians are still taking this drug to prevent malaria. Surely better, less toxic, solutions have been developed. Click here to learn more or read an excerpt below.


Second, on 20 April the Auditor General told Parliament that, contrary to their assertions, DND “did not follow the prescribed safety monitoring study protocol for mefloquine.” The military brass “ordered soldiers to take the drug without their consent and did not systematically monitor for adverse reactions or provide records to the manufacturer.”

He also noted that even though Health Canada had approved the terms of the clinical trial for the drug, “it made no attempt to ensure that the protocol, with its reporting requirements and procedures to protect patients’ well-being, was being followed.”

Speaking the truth seemed effortless for the Auditor General. He did not succumb to…

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An international network of military veterans, families and friends affected by the health impacts of the neurotoxic antimalarial drug, mefloquine.
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