11 Responses to Dave Bona – Mefloquine, Somalia, Rwanda, PTSD and a Veteran’s Search for Medical Help

  1. Nothing I can say will change anything, but I can understand a little of your story – go well, mate.
    C130 pilot RAAF

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  2. Maurice Boire says:

    Call anytime Dave I’d you need to hear a familiar voice.


  3. Garry says:

    I took that stuff in 96 when I was deployed to Uganda with the DART.
    Bad stuff, nightmares and now I have dizzy spells and memory loss. Burst of anger very easily.


  4. Thomas Jagoe says:

    Hang in Dave. Thank you for sharing your story. Was there on Roto 1 in Rwanda as well. Has been a crazy ride ever since.


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  9. Ted says:

    I was in Somalia in 93-94.I took mefloquine. I have been diagnosed with PTSD, but I have all the symptoms to this day that you talk about.


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