2 Responses to Personal Account of “Informed Consent” in Australian Army Malaria Institute Mefloquine & Tafenoquine Clinical Trials, No. 1

  1. Anne-Maree Baker says:

    We were also told that it was the only drug available and it was a better option to only take it once a week. We all signed up as were were the third deployment and desperate to serve overseas. The CO’s definitely told us no signature no deployment. Thanks for stealing my health…. No words


    • I remember a series of Q and A’s after a verbal briefing about the drug trial.
      The answer to most questions by the AMI staff member was “we don’t yet have that information”
      Once again, the consent was obtained by telling us that if we didn’t comply, we would remain on rear details in Battalion, back in Aus.
      15 years later, I’m still serving in hell.
      Thanks for nothing!


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