Inaugural Patron Appointed for the International Mefloquine Veterans’ Alliance

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our inaugural Patron, Major General Alastair Duncan CBE DSO (retd).

The Troops

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Patron of the International Mefloquine Veterans’ Alliance
Major General Alastair Duncan CBE DSO, British Army (retd)

Major General Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan was commissioned into The Prince of Wales’s Own Regiment of Yorkshire in 1973 and was posted to the 1st Battalion, which was then serving in Northern Ireland. His regimental service includes tours in Germany, Great Britain, Northern Ireland and Bosnia in mechanized, airportable, internal security and armoured roles. He commanded the 1st Battalion from December 1990 for three years and 19th Mechanized Brigade and Catterick Garrison from 1995 to 1997. He has been an instructor at the School of Infantry, The Royal Military College Shrivenham and a Divisional Colonel at Staff College. His staff experience was gained as a Captain in 4th Armoured Brigade and as Chief of Staff of 1st Infantry Brigade. He was Director Land Warfare in the Directorate General of Development and Doctrine for 2 years before attending RCDS in 2000. Immediately prior to his appointment as Director Infantry in July 2001 he spent 6 months as Chief of Staff of the United Nations Mission in Sierra Leone. His last appointment in the Army was for 3 years as Director General Training Support.

Read General Duncan’s mefloquine story here.

Dear General Duncan,

The darkest hour is just before the dawn. We’ve all been in the dark place where you are now. From your vantage point you won’t yet be able to see the the faint glow on the eastern horizon that we can. But we can assure you it’s there nonetheless.

There is certainly a fight to be had this day. But under the cover of darkness the troops have been quietly rallying. In the U.K., in the U.S., in Ireland, in Canada, and in Australia. Probably in other countries too. Fine men and women. Real soldiers.

The enemy is still formidable, but he has become complacent. We are beginning to have his measure and he has been rattled when challenged. He is led by cowards in “committees”. We are on the side of right, of justice. We are stronger than him because we are battle hardened. And we now have the initiative.

You are a proven leader and you’ve continued to lead even in your darkest hour. Stay strong and look forward to seeing the sunrise on the morning of our hard fought victory.

We would be honoured if you would accept our invitation to become our inaugural patron.

Yours Sincerely,

Troops of the International Mefloquine Veterans’ Alliance

October 2015

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An international network of military veterans, families and friends affected by the health impacts of the neurotoxic antimalarial drug, mefloquine.
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